Web based help desk software.

How to download optional modules

  1. We will not send you any software via email. We will not send you any activation keys via email. You need to download the software yourself.

  2. Each module has its own download page. All download pages are password protected. Here is the list of all download pages. To access a download page you need to enter your user ID and password when asked (your web browser will generate a popup box to collect user ID and password).

  3. We do not generate any user IDs and passwords for you. You choose appropriate user ID and password while setting up an account with our company. The user account setup is a part of ordering process.

  4. Even if you have an account with our company, you may not access download pages for the products we did not receive payments for.

  5. Our order processing system is fully automated and grants access to a product's download page as soon as your payment cleared.

  6. Access to a download page is granted once and forever. You may always download a copy of module to rebuild or update your system.

  7. In order to review and print your account statement or an individual invoice please login to our billing system using your user ID and password. If you forgot your password, use Password Finder tool. If you forgot your user ID, please refer to any invoice or receipt you have received via email. Your account page also shows links to download pages of all products your have purchased.

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