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Stop! Please read this: You are about to download the free Standard Edition, which uses plain text files to store tickets. The plain text database is not as reliable as MySQL or SQL Server databases are. Furthermore, to prevent exploits that may result in DDoS effects, Standard Edition limits size of each ticket to 64 Kbytes. We do not recommend using the Standard Edition in production environment. The Standard Edition is intended for assessment, testing and customization purposes. While absolute majority of our customers uses the Standard Edition, we strongly recommend upgrading to MySQL or SQL Server edition before going production. The upgrade process is very simple, it does not require reinstallation and preserves all existing data.

Which package is right for you? The Trouble Ticket Express files are available as ZIP archive or gzipped tarball. Both packages contain the same set of files. Files in ZIP archive are in DOS format, that is each line of text is terminated with 2 special characters CR+LF (Carriage Return + Line Feed). The tarball contains the same files in UNIX format, each line is terminated with single character. The Perl on Unix may not execute DOS-formatted scripts. Any attempt to execute such scripts on Unix will result in Internal Server Error. Why we ship the files in DOS format? Because many DOS and Windows text editors fail to open UNIX-formatted files. However, there is nothing to worry about as your ftp program (the one you use to upload the files to your Unix server) will convert files from DOS to UNIX mode on the fly. This ftp transfer mode is referred to as ASCII. Make sure the mode is on while transferring *.cgi files.

Use ZIP package if your server is Windows based.

Use ZIP package if your server is Unix (Linux, FreeBSD etc) based, but you use Windows PC to upload your web site content.

Use TAR.GZ package only if you want to unpack the archive on your Unix server. To unpack it use the following shell command:

gzip -cd ttx302.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Important: If upgrading to ver. 3.x make sure you have ordered version 3.x optional modules as well. For the list of modules that are to be upgraded and description of discounts available please visit version log.

Version ZIP TAR.GZ
3.02 ttx302.zip ttx302.tar.gz
3.01 ttx301.zip ttx301.tar.gz
3.0 ttx30.zip ttx30.tar.gz
2.24 ttx224.zip ttx224.tar.gz
2.23 ttx223.zip ttx223.tar.gz
2.22 ttx222.zip ttx222.tar.gz
2.21 ttx221.zip ttx221.tar.gz
2.19 ttx219.zip ttx219.tar.gz

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